power hour session

Feeling a little stuck?

Every time you push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve something new, you're creating a mindset that gets stronger each time.

Whether you are contemplating a career change, looking to find your voice and step up as a leader, live with confidence and purpose or take your business to the next level, this deep dive strategy session is designed to help you turn things around so you can achieve your next level of performance and potential.

Here's what you get:

  • A pre-session workbook to help assess your current blocks and limitations, identify your desired future, and help formulate a plan of action for tackling the issue during your session

  • One 60 deep dive intensive to tackle the issue, address limiting beliefs, get you to a place of clarity, and develop a plan of action to implement new patterns of thinking for MASSIVE change in your life and business.

  • A step by step action plan customized uniquely to you to take away from your power hour session. We will reverse engineer your desired future with action steps, timelines and strategies that you can begin to implement TODAY. No more wondering what to do next, say goodbye to overwhelm and welcome in results and momentum.

$350 (60 Minutes). Recommended for initial sessions.