The Boutique Personal Branding Intensive

For Professionals, CEOs and Business Owners who want to build and scale their personal brand so they can make a bigger impact and create financial freedom on their own terms.

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Do you envision a life and a career where your message has an impact?

Imagine being in control of your financial future and creating your career on your own terms. Do you dream of writing books, speaking on stage and impacting millions with your message? This only happens when you are able to step into your true power and calling.

Today’s world is not the same as was only 12 months ago. Not everyone has the same stability as before.

It’s more important than ever to carve out a niche for yourself, whether you are currently in a rewarding role, or looking to be.

We all have uniquely different points of view and the power to make our voices heard. Only you can tell your story and share your message. What ideas do you have to share, and where does your expertise lie?

This is going to be the key to unlocking financial freedom and career mastery. And make no mistake, your personal brand can and will make an impact.

What kind of brand are you currently projecting?
If you want different results, then you need to clearly define who you are.

What is going to set you apart from the rest, and get you to the life of being financially free and impacting the world with your message?

Your Personal Brand

When you have a clear and authentic personal brand, you are able to tap into your best self and translate your brand into a business opportunity.


The Boutique Personal Branding Intensive

A deeply personalized one-on-one coaching experience designed to engineer your personal brand strategy. Step into your personal power with a tailored personal brand strategy and blueprint developed uniquely for you. When you have a clear and authentic personal brand, you are able to tap into your best self and translate your brand into a business opportunity.

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Did you know that you already have a personal brand?

Who you project yourself to be in your life and career is the result of your personal branding. The question is:

have you designed it, or has it been created by default?

I’m Andrea Laurie, and I help leaders step into their power and build and scale authentic personal brands so they can make a bigger impact and create financial freedom on their terms. I do this through a deeply personalized approach applying the laws of my premium personal branding system.

I’m here to provide the brand strategy and coaching you need to build the bridge between where you are and where you’re headed. I’ll help you harness your uniqueness and tap into your innermost desire. It’s time to gain clarity and craft your magnetic message. Together, we will identify your core brand architecture and put an action plan in place to smash your goals and boost your income.

What are clients saying about
the Boutique Personal Branding Intensive?

“Andrea is exactly the coach I needed to help define my business direction. She is fun to work with and not long after creating my growth strategy, my business had a 43% increase in sales revenue. She provides more than just brand strategy, I transformed my thinking as she helped me give myself permission to go for a bigger vision and broke down the process to show me how it was possible.  If you’re on the fence about taking the leap, don’t hesitate. She is kind and caring and will bring your business to greater heights.”

— Bernard A. President, Energy sector

“This was the kick start I needed! Andrea helped me discover what had been holding me back and I finally gained the courage to trust my gut and leave my job of 12 years. It no longer brought me happiness and meaning, but I didn’t know what else I could do. Through her Boutique Personal Branding Intensive, I was able to hone in on the value of my expertise, leverage my personal brand and now I’m starting my own business. I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough!”

— Melanie M. CEO, Sustainability sector

Right now, you may be feeling stuck or unfulfilled. Maybe a mix of both?

You know you have a message to share, but just not completely sure how to tap into it or even monetize it.

Imagine if you were able to create a legacy that is authentic to who you are and be able to make an impact. What if you were in a position to receive uncapped income potential? Everyone has the power to be the master of their own destiny. You are in control of creating your most epic life, not your employer or other significant other.

My career skyrocketed after I created my personal brand. As a result, I’ve engaged numerous media and speaking opportunities and many elite level clients. Whether on television, or on at a corporate event, my message now inspires, motivates and trains. And yours can, too.

It’s time to make yourself irreplaceable.

Greater opportunities await when you have clarity about who you are and how you can add value to the world.

Identifying and solidifying your personal brand is the key to unlock all of your potential. And I’m here to help you open the door.

What will you get with The Boutique Personal Branding Intensive?

One-on-one bespoke experience

My one-on-one bespoke experience will help you create a stand-out personal brand. We’ll take the best parts of who you are and combine them to facilitate a dynamic message. Each intensive is highly customizable to you and your goals.

In order to reach your goals or even formulate them, you need clarity of who you are and where you want to go.

I’ll teach you how to embody your personal brand by employing small, impactful adjustments on how you present yourself, and harness your personal power.

I’ll additionally help you let go of imposter syndrome and any fear or limiting beliefs.

This includes:

2 hour intensive where we dive deep into what exactly you see for your career and personal brand and start to put together a plan to reach your goals

60-minute blueprint/brand strategy presentation where we go into your plan in depth and I answer any questions you have

A PR strategy so you know exactly what you need to do to get your message out into the world

A personal brand plan and monetization strategy to reach your goal. Offer packages instead of charging per hour for your services – not just regular packages – high end packages that people are happy to pay for

Strategies to grow your influence, platform and social media following

Voxer support for 4 weeks (for daily coaching and communication)

Follow up coaching session at the one month mark for support with execution, visibility and stepping into your personal power

Who is the Boutique Personal Branding Intensive for?

A successful leader ready to leverage your own experience and expertise into financial gain

Someone stuck in a job or circumstance that is no longer rewarding or meaningful

Anyone ready to branch out and start their own business

Who is the Boutique Personal Branding Intensive not for?

Someone not ready to actively engage in the process of uncovering and highlighting their genius

Anyone not willing to listen to professional feedback

Someone who is putting excuses before breakthroughs

Which side do you fall on?

Are you ready to take control of your brand and share your unique message with the world?

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I commit 100% to my clients. For this reason, I can only accept a handful of people into the Boutique Personal Branding Intensive. Registration goes quickly and this opportunity may be gone faster than it arrived. If you are serious about making a meaningful transformation, register now!