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The Moment Everything Changed. How I identified what sets me apart and how you can do the same.

In an instant—everything changed.

Back in 2015, I was working in a term position as a counsellor to gain some professional experience practicing my craft after graduating with my Masters in Counselling Psychology in the spring of 2014 before starting my own practice, which was my plan from the get-go. I thought it would be nice to work with clients on on one, from a home office, and help them with situations and goals that mattered to them and make a difference in people’s lives through a meaningful 1:1 connection and process. Working from home and setting my own hours doing meaningful worked seemed like an ideal lifestyle career for me. And I’m glad I pursued my education and received the training that I did.

While I was completing my Master’s degree, I was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship when I was presented with the opportunity to start my first business with a health and wellness company. I became an independent consultant for them; and honestly I loved almost every minute of it. I loved everything about inspiring others to create opportunities and income for themselves, educating and assisting others to live healthy lifestyles, not to the personal growth that comes with entrepreneurship. The community and the culture that I found myself a part of were motivating and inspiring. I was surrounded my living examples of people making their own success in the world through the vehicle of the company and their own personal brands.

My introduction to entrepreneurship taught me a lot. It taught me how to put myself out there, how to make sales and run presentations and workshops. It taught me how to face rejection and how to take action despite fear of what others may or may not be thinking. Most importantly, it opened my mindset to the possibilities that existed for me through the vehicle of entrepreneurship and that I could truly create an exciting and meaningful life and an impactful career- on a much larger scale than I had originally anticipated when I started out on my path to build a part time private counselling practice.

Up until that moment, I knew had found my calling in entrepreneurship and I had achieved some notable success. Things had begun to fizzle and although my passion hadn’t wained, I began thinking about what I was doing. I was promoting products and services that literally anyone could share. Yet I had invested 10 years into my education- and besides that, I had cultivated a unique combination of skills having completed degrees in Kinesiology & Psychology, Education and my Master’s in Counselling. I realized I had a unique credentials to work with the mind and the body, and why not begin to create a business sharing what I had learned along the way- my training, my perspectives and what only I could bring to the table.

And that’s when I launched my coaching practice. The beginning phase was focused on life and wellness coaching. I created a WordPress website, listed a profile on Psychology Today and created a nicely decorated and welcoming home office where I could meet clients. And they started coming. And I started making money. More money per hour and time invested than I was earning in my previous business. I also noticed something else that was powerful. When I began to share publicly, including online and social media, about my coaching business- people were more supportive and excited about what I was doing. I thought, ‘Wow, people really do want what I have to offer.’

Everything changed for me when I figured out what I was truly good at, the skills and credentials I had learned along the way and packaged them up to serve people using my own unique perspective – in a niche practice that was centred around my expertise, how I loved serving others and existing in the world.

Now here is my question for you. How can you gather up your unique talents and skills, credentials and experiences to create a personal brand that’s all your own? A way to impact lives, express who you truly are and create financial empowerment for yourself?

Here are my top three questions to start the process:

  1. What am I amazing at? Brainstorm on this one and get creative.
  2. What comes easily to me that others struggle with? This is likely something you enjoy doing, and may underestimate the value it has for others.
  3. What do I have professional credentials for? This can be formal education or informal education through books, online courses or conferences. It can also be credentials gained my experience. What tasks and skills were you paid for in your previous or current jobs? What unique lessons have you gained from your own life experiences? Nothing makes you more credible than having your own story of transformation and triumph.

Want personalized guidance and insight from an outside perspective, someone who’s been helping people get clarity on their talents and direction in life and business for years? Schedule your breakthrough strategy session here (limited number available) to get clear on your secret sauce, and how we can position brand YOU to stand out and serve in a way that creates maximum impact and fulfillment.

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