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Let’s build a life you’re excited to wake up to.

Inner happiness. Outer purpose. Your potential.

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It’s time we put an end to toxic, dissatisfying hustle culture. Join us in redefining success, cultivating happiness, and challenging stress as the status quo.


What we Do...

We’re a coaching, education and wellbeing company supporting leaders in thinking big, getting clear on what they want, and taking the steps required to achieve it.


I'm Andrea, Your New Secret Weapon

If you're new here, welcome! Hope you stretched before this visit, because we're really passionate about seeing entrepreneurs and professionals become confident leaders, enhance wellbeing and purpose while succeeding in a way that makes sense for their actual goals. Want to hear why?

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Destination Coaching Intensive

It's time for a reset. I love nothing more than helping you create a plan to achieve your goals in one day. If you're ready to transform your mindset and take better care of yourself while fast tracking your path to success, join me in person at a 5-star hotel to claim your next uplevel.

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Personal Branding Masterclass

There is no better way to create more opportunities for yourself - whether you are in entrepreneurship or corporate- than to create a strong personal brand.

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Individual Life Coaching 3, 6 & 12 Month Packages

Tap into your potential and overcome any obstacle standing between you and what you truly desire. Individual life coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself. Get unstuck or take your life to the next level.

Working with Andrea changed everything!

I needed someone to help me uncover my purpose and push through my mental barriers. Andrea’s unique background of counselling, coaching, and teaching was exactly the right fit for me. Through thought provoking conversation, soul searching exercises and drawing attention to details in my life story, Andrea has helped reveal how I can make a difference and serve with passion.

Jennifer Bonnevie
Training Executive, Halifax
Andrea is like a breath of fresh air

She is fun to work with and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Since I began working with Andrea, my business has had a 43% increase in sales revenue. Andrea inspires me to look outside of the box and create new opportunities for my business.

Working with her has motivated me to grow and better myself by learning new skills and ideas to apply to my life and business. Andrea has no time for negative thoughts and only resonates with positive outcomes. She is very kind and caring as well.

Bernard Arsenault
President, Reliable Power Systems Inc
Thank You For The “Kick Start” Andrea!

I recently worked with Andrea and she has been an excellent source of information, guidance and encouragement. Andrea helped me make the decision to leave a 12-year career that no longer brought meaning or enjoyment to my life.

I am now in the process of starting my own business.

Melanie Macfarlane
Entrepreneur, Chester NS
Andrea Has A Presence And Awareness Unlike Anyone Else I've Met.

I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Laurie during private mastermind events where she has shared her insights and suggestions about my personal and business goals. If you are ready for the challenge of personal, career, and business development, Andrea is a wonderful sounding board and inspiring guide who will lead you to your best life. I do not hesitate in recommending her as a personal or professional coach.

Catherine Crosbie
Founder and CEO, Body Works Med Spa & Wellness
Andrea is one of the most dynamic coaches.

Andrea is one of the most dynamic coaches. She helped my team understand complex concepts and how the internal team dynamic influences our opportunities and challenges. This workshop resulted in improved communication throughout our team and deeper understanding of the overall goals of the company. Andrea's enthusiasm and dedication to coaching is evident in her delivery and presentation.

Mark Hobbs
CEO, Fundmetric


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3 secrets to a more productive morning

My Top 5 Secrets to Boosting Your Inner Confidence Revealed!

5 key actions you can take today that will really boost your inner sense of self confidence that already resides within you. We are going to bring it out and let you shine.

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