Embrace your potential.


Embrace your potential.


I’m Andrea Laurie. A leading life and career coach, and professional counselor.

Everyday I work with people and help them realize they can achieve everything they want out of life, fulfill their potential, and overcome obstacles that are holding them back.

I get it! Life, and all the noise, has stolen the belief you once had. Situations have made you question yourself and clarity seems like a thing of the past. Maybe you compare yourself to others, are afraid you aren’t good enough or don’t have what it takes. BUT, I also know that you want more out of life. You’re looking for clarity, a feeling of empowerment, and a new found confidence so you can feel inspired and ready to take action and pursue the desires that are calling you. I am here to help you map out the steps and guide you along the way, making the process collaborative, uplifting and fun.

It’s time to start spending your time in a way that lights you up. If there is a calling in your heart it is there for a reason- because it is meant for you! You have your own unique talents and gifts and owning the truth of who you really are sets you apart and leaves your mark on the world. When you embrace your true core authenticity and what makes you ‘you’- that’s where you find your strength, real confidence and that magic we all want to tap into.

The coaching, courses, workshops and resources that you’ll find here are developed and customized personally for you to achieve the inspired life and career that’s truly yours.

Discover Your Purpose Training AND Workbook

  • Learn how to uncover your unique voice and talents
  • Get clear on what your ideal career looks like, so you can step into your power and live life on your own terms

Client love


I am eternally grateful and happy with my decision to work with Andrea.

When I finally got over my fear and accepted the fact that I needed help, working with Andrea became one of the best decisions I ever made. She helped me realize my strengths and my weaknesses. I can honestly say I’m in a much better place now than if I had tried to do everything on my own. ”
Lindsay CorbinRegistered Dietician & Independent Consultant

“Thank you for the “kick start” Andrea!

I recently worked with Andrea and she has been an excellent source of information, guidance and encouragement. Andrea helped me make the decision to leave a 12-year career that no longer brought meaning or enjoyment to my life.

I am now in the process of starting my own business.”

Melanie MacFarlane

Entrepreneur, Chester NS

Working with Andrea has been life changing.

When I began my search for a success coach, I needed someone to help me uncover my purpose and push through my mental barriers. Andrea’s unique background of counselling, coaching and teaching was exactly the right fit for me. Through thought provoking conversation, soul searching exercises and drawing attention to details in my life story, Andrea has helped reveal how I can make a difference and serve with passion.”

Jennifer Bonnevie

Entrepreneur, Halifax NS

Andrea is like a breath of fresh air.

She is fun to work with and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Since I began working with Andrea, my business has had a 43% increase in sales revenue. Andrea inspires me to look outside of the box and create new opportunities for my business. Working with her has motivated me to grow and better myself by learning new skills and ideas to apply to my life and business. Andrea has no time for negative thoughts and only resonates with positive outcomes. She is very kind and caring as well.

Bernard Arsenault

President, Reliable Power Systems Inc