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Introducing: our high performance program for organizations:
New: Our High Performance Program for Organizations

Your Power is in Your Personal Brand

Your Power is in 
Your Personal Brand

You’re already successful.

But you’re ready for more.

What would happen if you had complete financial freedom as well as greater impact? You can. And it all starts with your personal brand.

What does your brand currently say about you? Whether you’ve given it thought or not, it’s definitely saying something. I am here to help you hone your personal message and positioning to create an authentic brand that inspires and sparks dynamism into your life. Your personal brand is made from the best parts of yourself. It’s up to you to fully embody them. And I know you’re up to the challenge.

Your message can have an impact. Whether you are setting out to build your legacy career or impact those around you, your brand can and will help you soar.

Introducing Andrea Laurie

I’m Andrea Laurie, and I’m here to help you to step into your personal power and create an authentic personal brand so you can create a bigger impact and financial freedom on your terms. Every day, I help my clients like you realize you can achieve everything you want out of life, fulfill your potential, and overcome obstacles that are holding you back.

I’m a positive psychology expert and registered counselor, but this is not therapy, and I’m not your ordinary life coach. Creating and refining your personal brand will be a metamorphosis of your highest offerings, skills and passions. I work with high-powered female executives as well as businesses, and anyone who is ready to take their career to the next level.

My Story

Work with Andrea

What Can Your Personal Brand Do For You?

The power starts with you. In order to step into it, you need to know what 'it' truly means. Creating a personal brand built on authenticity and inspiration is the platform that allows you to follow your heart and have an impact on those around you.

But you need the tools in order to help you reach your fullest potential.

I’ll teach you how to tap into your highest confidence, say goodbye to imposter syndrome and rewire your mindset.

Building and scaling your personal brand is the key to unlocking an unlimited financial future.

Client Case Studies

I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you change their personal and professional lives.

You can be the next success story.

Work with Andrea

Andrea has a presence and awareness unlike anyone else I've met.

I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Laurie during private mastermind events where she has shared her insights and suggestions about my personal and business goals. If you are ready for the challenge of personal, career, and business development, Andrea is a wonderful sounding board and inspiring guide who will lead you to your best life. I do not hesitate in recommending her as a positive psychology and personal branding coach and strategist.

Catherine Crosbie
CEO, Proven Marketing for Professionals

Working with Andrea has been life-changing.

When I began my search for a personal branding and success coach, I needed someone to help me uncover my purpose and push through my mental barriers. Andrea’s unique background of counselling, coaching, and teaching was exactly the right fit for me. Through thought provoking conversation, soul searching exercises and drawing attention to details in my life story, Andrea has helped reveal how I can make a difference and serve with passion.

Jennifer Bonnevie
Wealth Management Training Executive, Halifax

One of the best things I do for my business is working with a (certified) personal branding coach every year.

Andrea Laurie is mine. Our values and work ethics align and I've come to fully trust her advice and guidance - and her input is invaluable.
When you're flying solo in business you HAVE to let other people in. More minds = more success. You can't do it alone. Well, you can, but you won't get far.

Andrea keeps me focused, while still encouraging me to be me. She helps me lean into my strengths and keeps me from floating too far off track (where I end up often).

Lyndsay Doyle
Lyndsay Doyle Photography

Are you ready to see how to turn your brand into an unstoppable force?

Schedule a consultation with me today and discover how I can help you to achieve your goals.

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