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My Own Personal Brand: A Case Study

You’re already successful. Perhaps you've scaled the corporate world, got the job or built the business you truly wanted, and broken through the ceiling. But you know you have more to offer. You find yourself asking "What's next?"

It's time to  harness the power of your personal brand to create your own authentic, sustainable and wildly profitable success story.

Building your authentic personal brand is one of the most effective ways to take your already successful career to a new level. It will enable you to make a bold statement in your market - and in the world- while establishing yourself as a leading authority in your field that will have people coming to you for advice, interviews, referrals, and new business.

Today, I want to share with you how I created the ability to do work that I love and have a bigger impact—and to command premium fees — while becoming a highly sought after expert in my field. I did this by building a strong personal brand.

I started out building a strong  foundation of my career by following what my interests were and ways I most wanted to serve and exist in the world. This led me to ten years of university education learning and gaining extensive training, knowledge, and expertise in the area of the wellness of the body and mind. After that time spent earning degrees in Kinesiology, Education, and a Master’s in Counselling Psychology, I set out on my chosen career path. Building an career in counseling and education, with experience as a health and wellness professional under my belt. I also became certified yoga teacher along the way.

I had a unique set of qualifications and training and had gathered a combination of expertise around mind/psychology and physical wellness that enabled me to serve in a way that others could not.  I hadn’t yet landed where I was meant to be and I knew I had more to offer the world. Now it was time to truly begin. This is when I decided to create and build my own personal brand from the ground up. Combining this foundation with my own point of view, personal attributes and style enabled me to launch a personal brand business that was authentic and stood out in the marketplace.

So how do you turn that wealth of knowledge and experience from your professional skill set and successful career into making a bold statement through your own personal brand?

It all starts with knowing what you stand for. This process enables you to own your power, know your value, and openly share your message while embodying your personal brand values. I was already living a successful life by most standards, but the day I created my brand publicly, everything began to shift.

I started noticing that harnessing one's unique genius and leaning into core values in a way that adds value and can be monetized was something my clients were seeking to accomplish, and a trend that today's world and the greater marketplace is moving toward.

Instead of being just another registered counsellor providing the same services as all other therapists out there,  I decided to create my own stamp on the world and how only I could be of service through combining my education, interests and personal qualities into an authentic, stand out personal brand that clearly communicates how I want to impact others and what I want to be known for. This has been the foundation that has allowed me to build a life filled with opportunities, excitement and abundance.

Building my own distinctive and relevant personal brand has enabled me to:

  • Sign ideal clients at rates of 25k and up
  • Travel on an invitation basis to some of the most beautiful locations Canada to speak at events including corporate retreats
  • Be featured in mainstream media
  • Hold a position as a recurring guest expert on a highly publicized television morning show

Creating a strong and distinctive personal brand opened many doors for exciting opportunities and an unlimited financial future. I now spend my time doing work that I truly enjoy and empowering others, on my own terms. Your personal brand can open similar doors for you.

Through creating your authentic personal brand, you quickly discover an endless supply of joy and personal power that is readily available to you. This is because you’re doing work that is an extension of your true essence. Sharing your gifts with the world is an act of service that gives back to you at the same time that you provide the exchange. When we incorporate this into the work that we do we live authentically and fulfilled.

I discovered that when I built my own personal brand and shared it publicly, that clients were coming to me asking how they can create their aligned careers and personal brands. My clientele continued to grow and expand. Now I’m building my business and career on my terms which has afforded me a beautiful life full of challenge and excitement. You can create the same.

Strong personal brands have three things in common; they are distinctive, relevant and consistent. Through my Boutique Personal Branding Intensive and Private Coaching program, I can help you uncover what you want to be known for so you can become more visible and own your distinctive position.

Finding your authenticity and defining your personal brand doesn’t have to be a long drawn out or a solitary process. Through a boutique personal branding intensive, you can harness that power and clarity now, step into next level opportunities and ultimately live the life that you want. Schedule a call with me today and we'll strategize your personal brand opportunity.

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